Process to Backup Computer Data onto an External Hard Drive

When you keep on storing data on your computer system, it gets full as you go along storing more and more files and folders on it. It is recommended that you must take backups of your important data onto an external storage device, which will provide you with two benefits; one is the backup copies of your files and the other with the free saving space on your computer. External hard drive will enable you to store your data on a secure offsite location; from where, it is possible for you can retrieve it at any point of time.

Instructions for Backing up Data on External Hard Drive

  • First of all, you should asses the size of files, which you need for backing up. (Files that have graphics, sounds and videos tend to occupy more space than the space occupied by simple text files)
  • Plan for your future requirements and considering that, think of the space needed accordingly
  • Choose an external hard drive (External hard drive with 20 GB or above storage space is recommended for storing huge data backups)
  • Buy the external hard drive. Along with that, you will also need connecting cables for attaching the drive to your computer system
  • Select the data, which you want to backup. Segregate and organize entire data into folders and sub-folders to facilitate easy search. (Financial data, videos, digital photos and music files can be on priority for backup)Connect the external hard drive to your system. You have to use the ‘drag and drop’ options for taking the data backup
  • Eject the drive properly by right clicking the task bar on the desktop
  • Keep external hard drive safely at some place. In case, your original data on the system gets corrupted due to some unforeseen reason, you will have all the data files safely stored in the external hard drive. This will diminish the chances of data loss

Restore Backup Files

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