Utilize the Free Backup Repair Tool to Secure Your Data

The Backup is the best way to secure your data from corruption but most people don’t know that free backup tool is inherent in there system by default.

NTbackup utility: In windows XP, 2000 and 2003 the backup files are formed with NT backup.exe which is a free backup tool/utility provided by windows and in Windows vista and Windows 7 is excluded from having default backup but can be downloaded from site. If you attempt to make a backup file for your file/files, the free backup tool which is NTbackup utility will store it in the .bkf form

Here is a short description of how to perform proper backup of your files through free backup repair tool in your system.

Follow the steps to backup files

  • Go to start menu, then type 'ntbackupexe' Click OK
  • When the Wizard get opened Click Next
  • From the two options displayed, Choose the backup option and Click  Next
  • Select the option that says let me choose what to backup and from the tree structure, select the file that need to backup
  • Select the file/files and Click Next
  • Browse the location where you want to save the backed up file/files.
  • By default, the file name will be backup.bkf. However, if you want you can newly name the file and Click OK
  • Backup process will be carried out after completing these steps and Click Finish
  • The backup file containing your desired file/files will be created at the desired location

Download Backup BKF File Viewer

By this simple steps performed you can utilize the free backup tool/utility (NTbackup tool) that is inbuilt in your windows.

Corruption chances: After your files get backup, don’t feel like fully secured from the data lose disaster, as this default utility can also get corrupted due to many reasons.

The virus attack or CRC error can lead to a situation prohibiting you from accessing your backup files. This situation can be overcome through third party software which can perform both BKF repair and BKF restore without altering the content of the files.

BKF repair software is such an NT backup recovery tool which is an innovative tool to perform BKF repair and help in BKF extract which was made by free backup tool/utility.

After the successful BKF restore process with BKF repair software you will be free to access the BKF file that was formerly built with the free backup tool in your system.


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