Import Excel Contacts into Outlook And Get Group Messaging

There are plenty of benefits you can avail when you import Excel file contacts into Outlook. Along with that, if the Excel to Outlook Converter application is used, users can avail and advanced and securely comprehensive switchover of contacts into Outlook.

However, there is a freeware trial edition available for the application to ensure users about its smooth functionality. With the demo version users can take a preview of this application without investing on it.

Excel to Outlook – What Makes The Difference?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are document format files that are used for creating and maintaining data in tabular structure. This way user can keep large number of contacts at a place. But the only drawback of keeping contacts in an Excel file is that, you will have to manually copy them from Excel document.

However, if the same thing is transferred into an Outlook account then a distribution list or group can be created accordingly as per user's convenience. Using a distribution list in Outlook allows users to email messages to multiple users at a time without having to select them manually or add them to the mail respectively.

Hence, the procedure to import Excel file contacts into Outlook is quite convenient for users to that are looking for a solution that is similar to the one mentioned above. Using the Excel file to Outlook conversion application one can avail a steady and intact conversion of contacts with the help of the mentioned features:

  • You can export all contacts from Excel to Outlook address book without any contact information being left out.
  • The software ensures that while it executes procedure to import Excel file contacts into Outlook no data gets repeated so that user receives completely satisfactory and convenient service.
  • Creation of Groups and Distributions Lists in Microsoft Outlook is provided as a facility by the software itself as it offers a checkbox for creation of Distribution List as per user's requirement with a name of their choice.
  • Users can even match the fields of Excel when they import Excel file contacts into Outlook address book with the field matching option given by the software to help users get their contacts transferred as it is.

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