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This must be unfortunate for you that your data safeguards alias the backup BKF files are also prone to corruption. Now, when it happens, you come in the need of a backup data recovery tool. Before you contemplate upon purchasing a backup file repair tool, isn’t it a great idea to first view data inside backup files, just to know whether the data you are looking for is present in proper state inside the BKF files or not. Without doing this, if you straightaway buy a recovery tool, then it can prove to be wastage of money if the required data is not present in proper state inside the backup files. Our company is here to solve your purpose to view data inside backup files and that too FREE of cost. BKF Viewer is a freeware tool to view BKF backup file contents.

How to View Data inside BKF? Start counting your profits! First, you gain from the BKF Viewer tool to view contents of BKF file FREE of cost. Second, you get the ability to judge the proper existence of required data inside BKF files using this backup file viewer tool. Third, you are able to decide whether to invest in a backup recovery tool or not after you view backup file content using this free tool to view BKF.

Feature Section

  • Using this backup reader tool, you can view contents of BKF files
  • Using this BKF viewer tool, you can view contents of BKF files even after NTBackup corruption
  • Using this tool to view data inside backup file, you can fully peep into your corrupted and previously inaccessible BKF files and view data contained in them
  • No file size limitation
  • Compatibility with all Windows versions (Win7, Vista, 2000, XP, 2003 and others)

After Determining the Existence of Required Data Inside BKF Files, You Might Want to Recover It! After you finally find out that yes the required backup data is accurately present inside your corrupted BKF files, you can then think of investing in a third-party backup recovery tool. So, here is what you are looking for! A backup data recovery tool! Don’t go anywhere for such need as we provide you BKF Repair software, which is a third-party tool to repair backup files and recover data from them. 

Grab the Twofold Profit Package!

  • One, you can unpack the profit package by grabbing the tool to view data inside backup file free of cost. For this, download the FREEWARE BKF Viewer software.
  • Second, you can unpack the profit package by grabbing the tool to repair BKF file and recover data from it. For this, invest into the reasonably-priced BKF Repair software.

Download BKF Repair Software

Get demo verison to view data inside backup file but you will not be able to save these file on your system. If you want to perform thisk task you have to order full version at just $89


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